Nick Anthony at House of Comedy

Nick Anthony

Move, baby steps, every day, bake your own cake, confidence, Chris Maddock, Erik Allen, Chad Daniels, Tosh, Acme, John Conroy, Minneapolis

Erik Allen at The Podcastatorium

Erik Allen

CD, recording, Stand Up! Records, brain to funny, writing, blocks, taking it further, obsessed, new, set list, bullet slot, festival, contest, headliners, jerks

Darlene Westgor at The Podcastatorium

Darlene Westgor

Darlene Westgor, Big Gay Comedy Show, Parkway Theater, writing, Cy Amundson, set list, improv, rituals, reading the room, audience, respect, Erik Allen, the work, focus, green room, open mics, stage time, the process, guest sets, contests, Minneapolis, Andy Erikson, stoners

Brandi Brown and Kate Urquhart

Kate Urquhart

Kate Urquhart, Starting Podcast of Comedy, the whys, questions, writing styles, Cy Amundson, Rory Scovel, kill the editor, Andy Brynildson, Monday Night Comedy Show, The Beat Coffeehouse, Good night

Alysia Wood @ Joke Joint

Alysia Wood

Alysia Wood, Pardon My French, Stand Up! Records, Nate Abshire, CD, Rewrites, writing, Stanhope, 50 jokes, Comedy Writing Step by Step, Gene Perret, Topical, sets, hecklers, audience, set list, notebook, crowd work, reading the room, rituals

Laurie Kilmartin @ Acme

Laurie Kilmartin

Laurie Kilmartin, Stand up writing, monologue joke writing, joke dumps, writing on stage, the c-word gets common, set list, rituals, Sherri Shepherd, character on stage, mom

Tim Harmston in a Packer Hat

Tim Harmston
Tim Harmston, Writing, Characters, Nerves, Auditions, Anxiety, Favorite show, Set lists, Packers

Tommy Thompson at House of Comedy

Tommy Thompson
Tommy Thompson, Road gigs, PBau acts up, Writing, Set list, Feature v. Headliner, Notecards, Segues and callbacks, Rituals, Character

Marc Maron at House of Comedy

Marc Maron
Marc Maron, The Mall, the joke, working it out on stage, other comics, set list, ritual, being present, Dan Schlissel, Scharpling

John Conroy at House of Comedy

John Conroy
John Conroy, headlining, check drop, joke writing, working it out on stage, driving, stubborn, random unattributable quotes, other comics, character